Why London ? London map

Why London ?

My friends were living in London which always shared with me their love for the city. So guess what ?

When I decided that it was time for me to improve my english and wanted to expat I thought that was more convenient to stay in Europe as within 3 hours I could fly back home.

(You never know what it can happen and you may have to go back asap!)

U.K. was obviously the answer to my need. Perfect! Which city?

I didn’t know many cities and most of us think straight away to London obviusly.

I bought my ticket! ONE-WAY Only to London!

Let’s skip the drama with my mum. In other words there is no need to say that she would like to have me at home. Now, after 7 years she is not asking me anymore when I’m going back… Because I don’t know. I never said that I was moving for couple of months or a year. I just moved! That’s it!

London calling…Return flight?

I understand that having a return flight will give you a certain safe feeling.

But how can you know in advance how long you are going to stay ?

Unless you don’t have a fixed schedule as for instance university or (no idea what else it can be) LOL… Than you shouldn’t plan it!

Because you may love London and staying until God knows when


you hate it and go back the week after!

So what will you do with that return ticket bought already for the next couple of months ? ………………….Nothing I a part for losing money as you won’t use that ticket plus you have to buy a new one. Is it worth it?

Follow the flow and do not plan too much.

In conclusion there is no right or wrong… It’s an experience. It can be London or any other city in the world. Do not be afraid of being judged. Even if you will go back after a week, you can still say that you tried and it didn’t work.

Wrong time, wrong mindset or It has to go in this way because something else is waiting for you elsewhere.


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