Valentine's day roses bouquet

Valentine’s Day… in London!

It was “yesterday” that we were celebrating NYE and look… ” Tomorrow” is already Valentine’s day. Time flies.

Probably, if you are planning to travel in the country or abroad and you did not book yet… Probably it’s better if you do it ASAP! You know, restaurants will be fully booked, transports and accomodations overpriced.

But what to do in London?

If you really feel like you need to celebrate Valentine’s day than why don’t you cook and surprise your partner? Light up couple of candles, find or create a playlist, choose a good bottle of wine, beautiful burgundy and peachy roses bouquet… and there you go! You will have created your own, personalised special day!

If you are not into cooking ? Uhm.. Then there are plenty of options

  • Doing nothing; 🙂
  • hanging around with a bottle of wine, maybe a romantic walk along the Thames or the Canal;
  • going to the cinema/teathre;
  • going out for dinner (Don’t forget to check the menu/price online);
  • clear up your to do list… I’m sure you left a location/activity on the side. This is the day. Do it! Go there!

What will I do for Valentine’s day?

Well, it makes me laugh… I always tought that Valentine’s day is just a conventional day and refused to celebrate it…. Since a coupled up with my partner I had to something.


Because, his birthday is the 15th of February. It’s so awkward as it’s the day after Valentine’s day as well as the single day… So we normally go out on his birthday and we pretend to celebrate both days in one.

One more funny thing… My boyfriend is originally from Albania but his family moved to Italy when he was 7 years old… And guess which city they move to? Terni…Which has as a Saint of the city St. Valentine. LOL


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