Travel diary

I have to be honest, travel was not my thing! Wrong mindset? My family barelly visit other countries in Europe, most of our holidays where in Italy so my way of thinking was kind of the same. Also, in Italy most of the Holiday are fixed by the employer (2 weeks in August, 1 or 2 weeks in December). You don’t really choose when you go in holiday. How sad is that? If for instance you wish to go to Japan for the cherry blossoming… You may never go!

This doesn’t happen in London. You take your holiday when you want! So, when I had to take my holiday I was lost… I could point any city in world and just jump on a flight and be there… How amazing is this? London has a wonderful flight connections.

“Work, Travel, Save, Repeat”

Since I started to travel I felt like something unique was embracing me. Discovering, meeting, living different culture, people, food.

I will share with you my trips. I’m a solo & couple/friends traveler. I will tell you about my discoveries & downsides. From the decision of the destination, planning, budget to my return.

Diversity is the key.