Why I became vegetarian and now I eat meat again. I still follow a healthy living. Here, I was having a healthy vegetarian breakfast in London

My healthy living

I reveal why I became vegetarian and why I eat meat again, keeping an eco-friendly and healthy living lifestyle in 2020

I embraced a healthy living lifestyle couple of years ago, and year after year I’m improving my routine and following an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

Let me explain to you why I became vegetarian for 3 years and a half and now I eat meat again once or twice a week.

Please, consider this just as my personal experience.

My childhood and the nature

I grew up in the countryside, 15 minutes away to the sea and 45 minutes away to the mountains.

My grandparents had hens, chickens, gooses, ducks, cows, hunter dogs and cats. (Probably, mice too, but they were not ours 😊)

We were growing our own vegetables & fruit in our vegetables garden.

My mother had and has an irrepressible passion for nature and gardening. She always looks after the plants, trees and flowers in our garden.

My sister and I spent our childhood playing outside. We never spent much time watching tv.

I was waiting for autumn to pick up the dead leaf from the trees and eating the hazelnuts. (Those ones were the signals that my birthday was about to arrive)

Winter for jumping on the puddles, loves me or doesn’t love me was the trend of spring and summer I was eating the blackberries from the little plants. Basically, I had everything I needed in my garden. I think these are the basis for an eco-friendly and healthy living mindset.

My parents taught me to respect the nature and animals.

I have arachnophobia and every time I see a spider is incredibly challenging for me. However, my mum taught me that I have no power to kill an animal just because I’m scared of it or because I’m 10 times bigger than the animal.

I went fishing at the small river close by home, many times with my father. Now, thinking about it I’m wondering if my dad was trying to teach me one of his best strengths, how to be patient.

I was lucky to born in this part of the World. I learnt how to respect animals, nature and the importance of having a healthy living very spontaneously. Unfortunately, I think that kids that grow up in the city will never appreciate this as much as kids from the countryside do.

Think about a random Sunday. Unless you don’t have parents that want you to appreciate nature and take you somewhere for a day trip, you may end up in front of your pc, playing all day. This isn’t how kids should grow (for me).

Time passed and choices were made.

I left Ravenna. Here for you, my latest guide “Visit Ravenna as a local” also I wrote about my expat experience here,

I moved to London back in 2012.  I published here my favourite walking tour around London Bridge, Borough Market and Tower Bridge.

Why I became vegetarian?

How you can imagine moving from the countryside to a “field of concrete” wasn’t easy. It was a big lifestyle change for me.

From 15 minutes away to the sea, now I live 15 minutes far from the Thames. Yes, still water… Just not the same scenario.

Everything started when in June 2015, I was at work and my vegetarian colleague, Chiara started to tell me more about her vegetarian lifestyle. She told me a lot of things, but I can’t forget this:

“A piece of meat/fish in your tummy is like having a dead body in your belly”.

Meanwhile, she was telling me that, my imagination was visualising the image. I was disgusted, I never thought about food in that way.

Now, having a carrot/tomato in your body is like having a dead vegetable in your belly, right? Probably, but emotionally it isn’t the same, it doesn’t make my stomach upside down.

Why I became vegetarian and now I eat meat again. Here a beautiful vegetarian food bowl on the top of a marble table, healthy living

That sentence changed my life and lifestyle. This is why I became vegetarian.

I do love animals, don’t take me wrong but I took this decision to improve my own lifestyle and try a new healthy living and not to save animals from farms. Was a selfish decision? If you become vegetarian/vegan to save animals my words may offend you. This is not my intent. Here I’m just sharing my experience. I love meat/fish and I still managed to be meat/fish free for 3 years and a half.

This topic is wide and of course, I do not support cruelty towards animals, human being or nature in general, I just can’t stand it and it makes me mad. However, here I would like to tell you about my experience and share why I became vegetarian and changed my lifestyle towards a more eco-friendly and healthy living lifestyle.

People will ask you constantly: “Why are you vegetarian?”

For me, it was fairly difficult to make them understand it, especially when I was telling them that I love meat/fish.

Side effects ?

It wasn’t easy for the first 3/4 months. Just before my period, I was having for a couple of days fever and cold. I felt like my body was in shock. I used to eat way too much meat (words of my doctor with my blood exam in his hands) and it was true because I was eating meat almost every day.

Don’t hate me, I know that in some countries like U.K. this meat is forbidden, but I’m Italian and in some parts of Italy this is normal. We eat horse meat, which has low fat and high iron.

Thinking about my body, probably it was meat poisoned and going to meat-free completely must have been a total blackout.

My grocery changed drastically, even the time that I was spending in food markets was doubled because I was reading all the labels and looking for the right amount of proteins. Also, I do not eat Soya a part from Edamame beans. Most of the people use Soya instead of animal proteins. But not everyone knows that women(unless in menopause) should not eat it (apart from Edamame beans). My nutritionist explained to me why. I can’t remember the exact words but it was related to hormones.

I had acne and since I stopped eating meat/fish I saw a big improvement. (Was it a coincidence? Maybe or maybe not) However, my nails were very fragile more than usual.

What to do if you want to change your nutrition?

What do you do when your car is broken? You go to the mechanic, right?

Same thing you must do if you want to change your nutrition unless you are a nutritionist.

I’m sure you may think that it’s easy to find information on the web. But they are all generic and not tailor-made for you and your body.

When we change lifestyle, we know that it will impact our lives in some way which can be visible immediately or maybe not. That is the scary part as sometimes we may see (in certain case severe) effects on our body after months or years. When probably it will be too late to go back or it will take too long to recover. Based on the food that you will remove from the diet, we will have a certain lack of minerals and vitamins.

Just to name few (for vegetarian):

  • Vitamin B12;
  • Creatine;
  • Heme iron;
  • DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid).

The best iron sources are:

  • Pulses;
  • Nuts;
  • Dried fruits (& many more)

Please, if you decide to change your nutrition do it mindfully. Here, you can find some advice from NHS, each country has different websites. Please, take care of your health.

Why I became vegetarian and now I eat meat again. Vegetarian pulses market in Marrakesh, healthy living
I took this photo during my trip to Marrakesh

What else changed in my life?

When I became vegetarian, I changed completely my mindset into healthy living.

I opened my eyes towards an eco-friendly and vegetarian lifestyle. I was browsing online, finding everyday new information, learning which brands are vegetarian, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, organic, plant-based etc. etc.

My lifestyle changed from food to hairdresser, make up, feminine care, body care… everything.

I can’t say that all my clothes are eco-friendly, also because I don’t buy any more many clothes as I used to. However, I do have a few organic and ethical t-shirts. (I know, it isn’t enough, but it’s a beginning.)

I would like to remark that I became vegetarian because I wanted to detox my body from animal proteins but now I eat meat again like once or twice a week.

Find out why I became vegetarian but now I eat meat again. I kept my healthy living and an eco-friendly lifestyle

Basically since I became vegetarian travelling made me eat meat again.

I know it may sound silly, but if I think about my trips during my vegetarian period I can’t really say that I explored a certain city, region, country deeply because I couldn’t taste the food. I love to travel like a local and not eating the typical dishes made me change my mind.

However, I still happily have a healthy living and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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