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GUEST POST #2: Sarah is a young travel blogger moved from NYC to la

Let’s reveal Sarah’s guest post, but before remember…

My guest post collection is open to you! I’m looking for a new blogger to collaborate with. I do have a few favourite topics, however, I’m open-minded. Drop me a line (I will not consider guest posts, not in line with my lifestyle/vision).

This guest post will be different from the previous one. Previously, Mara shared a summary of her biking tour. In this case, I want to do something different, an interview. There are many different types of travellers. All of us have a different perspective and way to travel.

Let’s start this guest post interview!

1. Sarah Introduce yourself and your travel blog

My name is Sarah and I was born in New York a little over 24 years ago. My family moved to North Carolina when I was pretty young. My parents tried to raise me as a darling, All-American kid, but I was too weird and loud for the average taste.

Anyway, I went to an expensive University in Boston and studied abroad in Prague. I also worked in France. After college, I moved to Los Angeles with my fiancé, a professional musician. I tried to work a 9-5. I hated it. And so I’m here now: writing my travel blog and trying to live my best life.

I also love music am an amateur pianist and singer.

Sarah is taking a photo from a view point of the city, during one of her trips in Europe. Travel blogger life

2. What is the first trip you remember taking and how old were you?

First trip? Gee, my family was visiting my Grandparents in Florida ever since I can remember. We drove all the way there from North Carolina. I never went on a plane until I went to University.

Besides that, my family used to take weekend trips to the North Carolina coast. My immediate family isn’t really into travel. My interest in travel stems from a love of books and innate desire to learn.

3. How did you decide to become a travel blogger?

Well, I’m a writer first and foremost. I started keeping a weekly blog about my time studying in Prague. My travel blog remained dormant until about a year ago when I started to occasionally post about my adventures in Southern California. Around six months ago, I began weekly blog posts. It’s something I enjoy doing, and therefore, wanted to do more of it.

4. Are you currently making money from your travel blog?

Nah. I started taking monetizing seriously about a month ago. And it’s a bit difficult with, ya know, a pandemic.

5. Do you plan all your trips beforehand?

Yes. In the sense that I don’t just pick up and leave somewhere. But I don’t craft these intense itineraries either. I usually have rough ideas of what I want to do. But I don’t avoid spontaneity, either

6. How many countries have you VISITED?


7. What’s your dream travel destination?

Oh gosh, it always changes. A destination that always remains constant is Russia. The country seems so vast and full of stories. Also, my parents grew up during the Cold War and I think it’s pretty cool that a generation later, can travel to a place “forbidden” to my parents.

8. Who travel with you?

It depends. I’ve come to the point where I enjoy traveling with one, maybe two other loved ones. Like my fiancé or a friend. With any relationship, communication is key and I need a travel companion that is fine with me taking a solo excursion for an afternoon or something.

I appreciate the opportunities and convenience of group trips. But it’s really not my thing. I get impatient quickly with groups whether it’s a travel-related situation or not.

9. What make you stress about a trip?

Money. But for context, I’m always stressing about money.

10. Have you had any bad experiences whilst travelling? (If you wish to share in this guest post)

Yeah. I’ve had my fair share of creepy men.

However, the “big” story is when my carry-on was also stolen from a train station after a weekend in Croatia. I got into a cab at midnight after a long day of travel and forgot to take my luggage off the train platform. So it’s not like I was pickpocketed. And I don’t think the “average” traveller would-be victim to this situation. I have pretty bad ADHD and was not paying attention that evening.

11. What camera do you use & how do you edit the photos?

Lol my iPhone. I have a DSLR that I want to use more often. But it’s hard to blend in with a clunky DSLR.

12. What is the best place that you visited so far?

Prague. I studied abroad there in college and I love that city so much. It’s so unique and stunning. There is so much to do, the public transit is phenomenal and it’s so easy to blend into my surroundings. Then again, I am American, and I feel like society is always in my face here.

But my favourite places I visited and did not live? I would say London and Berlin. They’re very interesting and cosmopolitan cities.

13. the last question of this guest post. There is anything else that Would you like to share with us?

Ya know, I always encourage people to travel how they want. There is so much pressure around travel: do this, not that. I decided to open my travel blog because:

1) I enjoy writing and posting,

2) I enjoy sharing my experiences with others. Part of travel is being openminded. It’s a vulnerable act to let someone challenge your way of life. I try not to go into situations with preconceived notions.

But that’ another rant for another day. Ultimately, do what makes you happy. Travel once a year, travel every other day? Cool. Live your life, ya feel?


First of all, I want to thank you, Sarah, for taking part in my guest post collection. It was a pleasure to meet you and to learn something new from you. What most caught my attention is your vision of Russia. Very true, you will be able to travel to a country that your parent couldn’t do. I wish you to visit this incredible country soon.

All the best, Xx

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