Transamerica trail. Guest post by Mara and her biking tour. Mara during the Bicycling tour in United States

Guest post #1: Adventurous Bicycling tour Around North America

this guest post is written by Marinella Yule

I thought I would share with the readers of No Foundation Please about my time bicycling around North America.

I have done two biking tours yes biking with pedals, not a motor. One was across the United States from Virginia to Oregon. The second was from the top of Alaska, the furthest North you can go via road down to Washington State.

How many km/miles did you cycle daily?

In total I have done around 10K KM or 6K miles on a bicycle. Daily, we would bike 50 to 60 miles every day or about 100 to 120 km.


Every 7th day we would take a rest day; however, sometimes if the weather was in our favor or against us, we would take rest days or take a rest day on the 9th or 10th day etc. What I mean by this is if it was scheduled to rain the next day, we might take two rest days or if it was supposed to be a tailwind (pushing us) then we wouldn’t take a rest day and bike the next day.


Guest post by Mara and her biking tour. Mara and her father during the Bicycling tour in United States

On both trips I went with my father. It was his idea to begin with and after a few months of trying to convince me, I decided to join on the first one. I didn’t have a bike prior, in fact, I bought it a month before heading out. I did no training. Needless to say, the first few weeks of the trip was not pleasant.

Why did you take part to this bicycling tour?

The biggest reason I decided to go on these two trips was because I didn’t have anything planned, so why not? I was just about to graduate university for the first trip and the second trip I was just coming back from 2 years abroad. Both situations, I didn’t have a concrete plan on what I wanted to do and I tell you, bicycling for days on end gives you time to think about your next step in life.

How long your bicycling tour lasted?

The first trip took 3 months while the second took about 2. They were both interesting and completely different. I thought I would be a bit more prepared for the second trip, but I wasn’t. For the second trip, I did not training against so body wise, I was out of shape. Mentally, I didn’t even know how to prepare for it.

Tell us a bit more about your bicycling tour…

Riding across the United States, you run into people all the time. Every night we were in some sort of town or city. However, in Alaska, there aren’t that many towns and we did a lot of camping on the side of the road or in the woods. The beginning of Alaska, the furthest North, there isn’t even wildlife. No trees, bushes, animals, etc, only mosquitoes. That was the hardest part, being in open land with nothing to look forward to for at least a week. That was the longest I didn’t shower, 7 days.

Guest post by Mara and her biking tour. Mara during the Bicycling tour in United States

But, in good traveling fashion, I met so many people from around the world. I even met interesting Americans that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. These experiences definitely allowed me to join that category of traveler. Bicycling was the first time I did some sort of adventure sport for or while traveling.

What are the questions that people about bicycling tour?

I was asked a lot of questions during and after the trips about the trips and I wrote them and answered them in different articles: Inside Look on the Transamerica Trail and Insights into Bicycling Alaska.

Transamerica trail. Guest post by Mara and her biking tour. Mara during the Bicycling tour in United States

One of the remaining questions I receive now that it has been a few years since I completed both (2016 and 2018 receptively) is, am I going to do more? As of right now, I am planning to bicycle with my father from Chile to the bottom of Argentina. The Alaska trip was part of his bigger bike trip as he wants to bike from Alaska all the way to the bottom of Argentina. I think it would be nice to end with him since I started with him. I also would like to bike around Europe as they have many bike routes.

Either way, I love long distance cycling and I hope you will get to try it. It really is an eye opening experience!


I have explored over 40 countries, 48 out of the 50 USA states, and currently speak English, Spanish, and French. I like doing outside the box things like pole dancing and long-distance cycling. I have also lived in three countries besides my native home. I’m now a marketing consultant at

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    Dreamy! I can imagine how enthusiastic and adrenalinic it must have been! You are lucky your father joins you in these adventures. it surely is somethign which strengthens your relationship! Brave!

  2. firstepilprimopasso

    Ma che viaggio meraviglioso… Fare un viaggio in bicicletta è una delle esperienze che mi piacerebbe fare almeno una volta!

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