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If you landed on this page is because you are a wanderlust. would you like to share your guest posts?

Would you be interested in this little & funny project?

I decided to create this space to embrace your blog & other bloggers’ experiences. Submit your guest posts. Drop me a line. Tell me more! ✌️


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  • Food: a specific dish discovered from your trips 🙂

Would you like to submit your guest posts?

Don’t think too much. See other bloggers’ posts below, ⬇️ you are not alone!

If there is something that I learnt since I started blogging is the importance of sharing and the power of guest posts. A lot of bloggers are scared to connect because they feel not good enough or their blogs are not having enough content or enough traffic.

My travel blog doesn’t have a lot of readers and I’m still struggling with planning my posts, SEO etc. etc…

Do you believe in Karma? I do. Spread good vibes and good things will return.

Motivational space:

“Let us not speak of them, but look, and pass.” Dante

Let’s be honest, we see tons of accounts on Instagram (& other social media) with many followers but so little engagement. What does it mean? To me, that they bought followers. How sad is that? However, it may make us feel inferior because we may have just a few hundreds of followers. We feel frustrated, our blogs suck and we are tempted to buy followers. Just don’t do it. Keep on pushing on your feed, post constantly, engage with other accounts in your niche. Remember: Instagram doesn’t like people when they cheat.


Engaging with other bloggers is inspiring. They may have seen corners of the World that you never heard before. You may find stunning tips and start to plan your next trip. (I know, with this pandemic situation it won’t be easy, but it will end at some point. Right?)

  • Get quality traffic, increase your blog/social media visibility ;
  • Build domain authority & helps SEO;
  • Improve your credibility;
  • Connecting to a wide travel community;
  • Boost your subscriber database;
  • It makes you feel rewarded for all your hard work! (Last but not least!)

contribute to this guest post

Don’t wait, just drop me a line. Tell me more! ✌️

Guest posts from Mara. She contributes to my boarding guest posts collection.
Biking around North America.

My Open Passport

Read here, guest post #1. This article was contributed by Marinella Yule of My Open Passport. She has explored over 40 countries, 48 out of the 50 USA states, and currently speaks English, Spanish, and French. She likes doing outside the box things like pole dancing and long-distance cycling. She has also lived in three countries besides her native home. She is now a marketing consultant at Connect with her via Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Sarah took a photo from a view point of the city. Sea and city in the background
Sarah during one of her trips in Europe.

Subdivided out

Find out here guest post #2. An inspiring interview about Sarah, a young travel blogger that moved from NY to LA to pursue her blogging goals. Her dream destination is Russia. Very interesting is the reason behind. Catch out why Russia is on the top of her list!

To be continued
Soon I will reveal who is the next blogger to collaborate with my guest posts collection. Apply here

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