Expat life

Are you thinking of expatriate? This is my expat life.

The downsides and the advantages.

My story is very short…You know when you hear “London calling” and you think… What does it mean? I think I know it.

I’m Italian and before moving to the U.K. I used to be a hotel receptionist. At that time I had an Italian chef boyfriend who was very successful.

So, one day I woke up and I thought:” If he is going to receive a great job offer from any part of the world, how am I meant to follow him if my language knowledge is basic ?”

I went to him and after a few minutes of conversation I told him: “We are going to London”.

And the decision was taken within a day! I have never been to London before moving in. I think this is “London calling”.

02.12.2012 I was landing at Heathrow airport.

My suggestion if you are thinking of expatriate… Just do it! Because if you think too much, fear will take over and then you will be too scared to do it.

Yes, you have to consider the pros & cons but don’t be afraid of failure.

In life, everything you will do, regardless of the outcome, it will personally enrich you.

Ah… Obviously we broke up.

And you know what? We split up because he wanted to return to Italy. He left his dream to become a great chef because he wanted to live close by home and having the same routine…

I’m currently a Reception Manager in a Michelin Star Restaurant in Mayfair… And still pushing for my career.

Did you expat? Where? How was it?

Tell me more about your expat life!