My planner for blogging in 2020

Why not ? Blogging in 2020?

Blogging in 2020 is still successful, I do not believe who says that it’s over. The world is wide and there is space for everyone. For sure if I will have started couple of years ago, six monts ago, yesterday… I would not be at this stage by now. Therefore setting up my blog, trying to understand SEO, finding my way to be noticed.

I’m 32 years old and statistics says that there are over than 152 million blogs out there and also most of the bloggers are between 30 and 39 yrs old. If you want to read more need-to-know statistics, please check 99 firms .

Likewise if you are planning to be a full time blogger for sure you will have to commit more and structure your strategy, social media, content creator, time, finance… At the moment for me it’s a hobby. YEAH, I would love to become a full time content creator! Would I get there ? Depends on me, same as depends on you! What are you aiming to achive with your blog?

Certainly, I know that English is not my first language and therefore I will probably make mistakes, but I want to show my personality and share with you as much as I can my experiences. Than you will decide what to see in my blog.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

Why blogging in 2020?

  • I opened at least other 3 blogs in the past and after couple of months I was losing my interest. So this time, I want to make it! I want to prove to myself that I can commit to my own hobbies as much as I do for my employer.
  • Help you. Inspire you. Make you curious. I love when I say something and the eye of the poeple lights up. Sometime simple words can make the difference in someone life.
  • One day, I will be able to relive my memories & laugh of what I wrote.

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  1. Kait

    I love blogging, and have been doing it for so long. While the industry of it has changed and evolved, it’s still thriving. There is such a wonderful community. Good luck with everything!

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